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French chef from Atlanta, GA, Chef Remi Granger - the French dude


I knew I wanted to be a chef by the time I was 10 years old. I grew up cooking for my family in my hometown of Blois in Loire Valley, France, and developed an appreciation for fresh ingredients and traditional French dishes at a young age.


My grandparents inspired me to be a chef. They were farmers who raised goats, rabbits, chickens and other animals. We would go feed the goats, pick up the eggs from the chickens and then go get fresh vegetables from their gardens. They even made their own wine. They always ate everything fresh, and fresh ingredients are still my favorite to work with.


This early ambition to cook led me to formal training at Lycée Hôtelier et de Tourisme de Blois, where I studied under classically trained masters of culinary art. Upon graduating, I worked at luxury Five Star hotels in France and Florida.  Afterwards, I came to Atlanta, drawn to the city by the blossoming food culture. Working under Chef Kevin Gillespie, I became Sous-Chef at Gunshow and later opened Revival as Executive Sous-chef. Although I loved learning more about Southern cuisine in my time at Revival, I realized that something was missing. I wanted to get back to my roots and to cooking the food that inspired and energized me, which is French cuisine.  I then spent some time as the Executive Chef at Bread & Butterfly and The Brasserie allowing me to bring my classical French training and admiration for local, farm-fresh ingredients, to those restaurants.


During the madness that was 2020, I was laid off due to Covid closures and started a pop-up food service. Chef-made, chef-delivered, Better The Next Day ATL has allowed me to cook the food I am passionate about, while growing my fan base around the Atlanta area. I am also providing in home dinners for my guests and I’m looking forward to growing the concept in the future.


When I'm not in the kitchen, I enjoy spending time with my wife, Jessica, my son Jack, and my dog, Walter Lowrider, at our Decatur home, and going to see live music.

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